*Left Foot Charley

806 Red Drive Traverse City MI
(231) 995-0500

Why We Recommend

An urban winery located in the former laundry facility of the Michigan State Hospital, or Asylum!  

What's Up Recommendation

Cinnamon Girl Hard Cider: This is their best seller for good reason. It harbors a strong scent and subtly sweet taste, courtesy of Sumatran Korjinte cinnamon and Vietnamese cinnamon, along with Michigan heirloom apples. For a special treat during the long winter, try warming this liquid low and slow over heat so as not to lose the alcohol. Toss in some orange peels, a dash of sugar and a cinnamon stick for a rich mulled-wine experience. Or for a bite of tart green apple taste, blend chilled Cinnamon Girl with the Antrim Country Hard Cider.