*Left Foot Charley

806 Red Drive Traverse City MI (231) 995-0500

Why We Recommend

An urban winery located in the former laundry facility of the Michigan State Hospital, or Asylum!  

Concierge Recommendation

Cinnamon Girl Hard Cider: This is their best seller for good reason. It harbors a strong scent and subtly sweet taste, courtesy of Sumatran Korjinte cinnamon and Vietnamese cinnamon, along with Michigan heirloom apples. For a special treat during the long winter, try warming this liquid low and slow over heat so as not to lose the alcohol. Toss in some orange peels, a dash of sugar and a cinnamon stick for a rich mulled-wine experience. Or for a bite of tart green apple taste, blend chilled Cinnamon Girl with the Antrim Country Hard Cider.

Concierge Favorite

The Monday open mic nights offer the best mix of “Local’s Happy Hour” and family-friendly fun. (There’s a sandbox outside for kids, next to the patio and native garden, as well as delicious smallplates to keep the under-age crowdleft foot patio satisfied and occupied.) Also check out the live music nights and the Throwback Thursday events, exhibiting exciting past vintages from the cellar.